By Ahmid Sole

FLAW, OH – In our early-bird-gets-the-worm society, it pays to be punctual. Never is this more true than in the world of race registration, where procrastinating even a few hours can mean upwards of $10 in additional fees or missing out on the event entirely.

It’s a lesson Steven Dusa won’t soon forget.

Confident to the point of absolute surety in his chances of securing a spot in a consistently undersold local 10k, Dusa failed to observe three price-increase deadlines and, when he finally got around to signing up, was turned away by a maxed out field.

Portrait of a failed race registrant

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Dusa. “But I gotta give it up for this field. Plain and simple, they were on it and I wasn’t. So I’m just gonna throw all the support I can to these guys.”

And support them he has. In the days leading up to the race, Dusa has created a Facebook fan page for the race; authored and published a Kindle single called “Don’t Get Left Out: How to Register for a Race in Our Digital Age”; sent inspirational e-cards to all registrees he’s been able identify; and planned an in-home race party to view race results in real time during the event.

“I’m almost as excited as I’d be if I was actually running the race,” enthused Dusa. “I’m making my kids and wife sit by the computer with me as we monitor the progress of all the successful registrants. I’m even gonna make some of my famous Midwest Winter Chili – the whole nine yards!”

Eyeing the future, Dusa says he’s not quite ready to commit to signing up for another race. “It’s a lot to keep track of,” said the failed registrant. “Besides, there’s a definite lack of failed registrants supporting successful registrants in the running world. As my dad always said, ‘Find a need and fill it!'”


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