It’s been a long, tough day.  You’re dead tired, the weather sucks, and you just wanna open up a beer and start binge watching Property Brothers. On the other hand, you really oughta go out and get your run in first.  But…hmm…I mean, you could skip it today. It’s just one day. But… didn’t go yesterday either, or the day before, so…This beer will still be here after you get back from your nice run. Why don’t you just make it a quickie? Then again, why even bother for just a quickie? Well, but a quickie’s better than nothing. Maybe, but is it really worth the effort? What if you just relax with a beer and go to bed early?  That’s good for you too, right? You can go for a run tomorrow. But, what if you can’t go tomorrow? Okay then, go tonight. You know you want to. But you also just want that beer.


Run, or beer?

We’ve been there! A lot. So we made this t-chart to help us. We hope it helps you, too!



One thought on “GO FOR A RUN, OR OPEN UP A BEER?

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