Local Runner Gives Opinion About His Compression Socks, Gets OWNED by Other Runner with Different Opinion


Well, the The Compression Sock Liberals are back at it again!  I’m not sure if they’re just lying so much that they’re actually starting to believe their blatant lies, or if they’re just SO ignorant that they believe the evil lies of the pro-compression sock lobby, but every time they give yet another idiotic pro-compression sock opinion, SCIENCE and LOGIC are there to put the SMACKDOWN on them!


C’mon, everyone…what ever happened to just PLAIN OLD running socks?!

Like this morning, when local runner Gundersen Green was interviewed live on Wake Up! Tucson.  Even though the reporter was only asking for his opinion on the city’s new trail, Mr. Green just HAD to start spouting a bunch of VERY IGNORANT LIES about compression socks:

“Yeah, it’s maybe a bit cold out here this morning, but I feel like my compression socks keep my legs warm.”

Oh, really, you EFFING IDIOT?  But he wasn’t done:

“Yeah, it is a bit muddy out here.  But that’s why I have more than one pair of compression socks.”

MORE THAN ONE PAIR?!!!!!!!!!!!!




But what happened next was PERFECT.  The reporter then turned to Mr. Green’s buddy and jokingly asked him if he, too, had more than one pair of compression socks.

His answer?

Wait for it…



Compression Sock Liberalism, DESTROYED!

His friend opined further:

“I just wear running pants.  It works for me.”




Go move to awful, awful, horrible SOCIALIST Sweden if you love your compression socks so much and think America is muddy, Mr. Green! I understand they have very good mental heath care there – because you are LITERALLY INSANE!



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