A new sock startup has the big running sock manufacturers running scared! is dragging the ancient sport of running out of the Stone Age by combining proprietary nanotechnology and NASA-developed “moon fabric” to create the world’s most perfect sock. founder Chase M. Down started with the simple idea of integrating all our tech “wearables” into what most runners already have to wear anyway. As the former Cal Tech Adjunct Professor of Applied Nano Structures and Supramolecular Assemblies tells it, he was out for his morning jog before heading into the lab, when he stopped in his tracks:

“I had an epiphany! I was wearing a GPS watch on my wrist, my cell phone strapped to my arm, compression socks, compression sleeves and compression underpants, and my thermoregulator in my shorts…and in spite of all this stuff, running fast is still not super easy? That’s not right! Right then and there, I put all of my passion, energy, and grad students into developing one perfect wearable that does it all, and actually makes running faster virtually effortless!”


The GU10, an early prototype, on display at the Smithsonian

Available in knee-high graduated compression or no-c-um ankle, eRunningSocks are lovingly constructed from the ground up using fabric NASA developed to alleviate the negative effects of spacewalks on the human body, and then outfitted with literally the most awe-inspiring tech the world has ever seen. The result? The eRunningSock not only rebuilds and strengthens human tissue as the wearer runs, but also senses and automatically adjusts according to the wearer’s body temperature, pain and moisture level, weight loss, mental state – even that pesky pull of gravity.

So, if you tromp in a puddle while wearing eRunningSocks, the nanotechnology sends impulses along the built-in axon grid to dry your feet almost instantly. Cold, heat, friction, pain, hunger, farting – eRunningSocks make all these issues ancient history!

Plus, the lightweight console still does all the boring, commonplace functions of the tech you’re used to: from GPS tracking and calculating calories burned, to holding up to 1000 of your favorite tunes and instantly sharing your workout on Facebook! There’s even a mini GoPro in there somewhere.

Our favorite feature? No more desperate rummaging through that hamper or dryer in search of your favorite pair of running socks – because eRunningSocks are 100% microwaveable! Just peel ’em off, stick ’em in there for 30 seconds on high, and they’re good to go! And with the downloadable app, you can always locate them with your smartphone.

While eRunningSocks appear to be available in only baby blue, Professor Down says that it is actually closer to a puce “when visualized using scanning tunneling microscopy.”

To learn more or to get your own pair, go to:






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